Rule 8 Cases Status by BSNL CO

Rule 8 Cases Status by BSNL CO

Flash News: As requested by AIGETOA, BSNLCO is seeking the status of Rule 8 cases from all the circles. The letter for Rule 8 cases wrt JEs has been issued today. The letter with regard to status of Rule 8 cases pertaining to JTOs is also being issued in a day or two.

With this initiative pendency in the rule 8 waiting List is definitely going to be reduced.

It’s time to Change the Thought Process and shed the EGO

It’s time to Change the Thought Process and shed the EGO

As SNEA preferred to part way from the Forum of Executives Association and went ahead ignoring the decisions taken and signed with MoU with AIGETOA. Still, we never uttered anything negative against them in view of the larger cause associated with united struggle. Despite themselves negating the coalition ethics as usual, we were respectful towards their call , but recent updates on their website clearly proves the fact that the political interests stand much ahead of executive fraternity’s need and interests.

Let us have a close check on the difference of stand and the present status.

Time bound Functional Promotions to executives:

The matter which AIGETOA has been demanding from 2007-08 onwards as a contemporary CPSU hierarchy and in fact AIGETOA only has coined this term in BSNL. We in fact were the prime contributors in 2018 also with respect to the finalisation of the CPSU CH proposal and drafted the practical and acceptable solutions, however at the end, these practical suggestions were watered down by some vested interests to keep their ill motives of keeping BSNL Recruits away from promotions. We warned in advance about the inherent lacunae of the proposal and if not cleared , the policy implementation was bound to get stalled after the very first date of implementation. The same has been proved true as neither DoT nor management could move ahead with the implementation of the policy till date. AIGETOA always advocated for refinement of these proposals by making it compliant to DoP&T norms related to Reservation issue, inclusion of E2 as starting pay scale, removal of 12 years clause as residency period, inclusion of internal fast track mechanism etc in the proposal which was totally ignored and negated by the majority association at that time. We always maintained a stand that if these issues are not included, the implementation of the proposal can never occur and maintained the same stand in charter of demands also.

In the recent minutes issued to Joint forum, the non-viability of the implementation of BEPPRR-2018 is clearly and non-ambiguously mentioned by management. AIGETOA stand has been very clear while drafting the charter of demands that Reservation Guidelines, pay scales and internal fast track mechanism, need to be taken care of and provision for following Govt/ DoP&T guidelines on Reservation, protecting the Constitutional rights needs to be incorporated in the policy. It may also be noted that approved draft proposal of BEPPAAR -2018 have the mention that reservation cannot be extended, a point which was never highlighted by SNEA earlier.

Since the management has categorically stated that they can’t implement CPSUCH in its earlier approved form, alternate method proposed by AIGETOA for ensuring the Time bound Promotion was to go ahead with incorporation of the Maximum Stagnation criteria in all the RRs which will take care of the reservation guidelines as well as making the promotion time bound. This will cover all eligible executives promotion by filling up the available vacancies and the remaining persons once the vacancies are filled up being covered through maximum stagnation criteria. It also maintains the sanctity of reservation rules as executives are personally upgraded to the higher position by carrying their existing post in the higher grade.

Management accepted to explore this option of introducing the maximum stagnation criteria in AGM/CAO/Equivalent grade and also agreed to explore the option of reducing the stagnation criteria in SDE/equivalent grade as a part of the RR modification exercise. This exploration of the alternate method was also part of the agreed MoU between AIGETOA and SNEA but SNEA preferred to backtrack on the same. Our Sister Association is not at all ready to accept the alternate method which is more practical and feasible to implement and want to keep running behind the earlier approved proposal which has not moved even an inch forward.

The previous regime has already wasted 3 and half years in running after this CPSU CH mirage and putting everything to a halt and the only sufferer group were the BSNL Recruits and relatively young competitive quota people from the group absorbed from DoT. AIGETOA after assuming the charge has started with practical and acceptable methods and the result is slowly and steadily visible to all. We requested management to explore the options of executing the promotions in a time bound manner in the ambit of existing framework and we have succeeded in convincing the management for the same. We wanted to keep everyone on united platform while this change and future was re-written, however that unity was perhaps not acceptable to out sister association SNEA.

AIGETOA stand is very clear “ A Bird in hand in better than two on the bush “. Hence AIGETOA is always open to explore practical alternative methods and the results is very much in front of all executives: More than 4500 JTO executives got promoted to SDEs in Telecom ,civil, electrical and Architecture grades in just 6 months (reducing the JTO(T) stagnation from 21 years to 8 years barring few executives). This was being stopped in the name of CPSU CH for more than three years and was still tried to be derailed by them. Having accomplished one major milestone, now we have moved on to the next batches and very soon we will accomplish that. We want to remain practical and don’t want to build castle in the air like what our previous regime was doing.

Now we are moving towards executing the promotions in other grades of SDE/AO/DE/AGM/CAO/DGM equivalent and very soon we will achieve that also. We further reassure that nobody will be left behind and we will make all efforts to achieve the promotions for all the eligible ones.

Response from BSNL Management on the charter of demands and if implemented, the impact which it can make on the career of executives:

Response from BSNL Management on the charter of demands and if implemented, the impact which it can make on the career of executives:

After discussion on the various demands raised by the forum, management has responded towards the demands as below:

a. Time bound promotions – The proposal of BEPARR-2018 is not feasible due to reservation matter – a categorical and unambiguous statement by management. Management agreed to consider reducing the stagnation period in JTO grade and incorporation of the stagnation criteria in other grade RRs as a part of the RR modification Exercise in consultation with the association.

If this stagnation criteria is implemented in line with what we envisage, the promotions for all existing as well as future batches will become time bound without violating the reservation guidelines. Through stagnation criteria, the existing post is carried forward to next grade through personal upgradation. As the executive carries his own roster position to the higher grade, the representation as per constitutional guidelines remains intact. Hence the post based and time bound promotion goes hand in hand and the sanctity of the constitutional provisions and government guidelines are also maintained.

Now it’s for executives to decide, which one is better – A policy which is more implementable, carries the same advantages as CPSU but is in line with government and DoP&T norms of reservation or a Policy which has not moved an inch forward despite presence of same board and same majority association for almost 2 years and still almost 4 years after approval with new board.

b. Restructuring Roll back – Instead of rolling back management agreed to consider the career progression aspect by agreeing for introduction of maximum stagnation criteria after discussion with association.

c. Implementation of Standard E2 and Standard E3 pay scales for JTO/JAO and SDE/AO Equivalent The need is well accepted by management and management agreed to aggressively pursue with DoT to ensure E2 for JTO/JAO/Equivalent and E3 for SDE/AO/Equivalent grades. CMD BSNL Firmly agreed to pursue with DoT for early implementation. A positive result is expected in sight as this anomaly will be a big show stopper for BSNL/MTNL merger.

The Sister Association must explain how they propose to take care of the scale part by agreeing on CPSU CH. They have accepted E1 for JTO/JAO in CPSU policy and have also agreed to keep Sr SDE post at E3. If they say that E1 will be replaced by E2 for JTO/JAO/Equivalent and E3 for SDE/AO/Equivalent, are they asking for cascading effect with presence of Senior SDE post at E4 etc which will derail the whole process of resolution of standard pay scale issue for initial two scales. Hence it is quite clear that scale part cannot be resolved if the CPSU CH is implemented in its current form.

It seems our Sister Association once again wants to derail the Pay Scale issue in the name of this CPSU CH proposal. (It is worth mentioning here that they celebrated the victory of JTO scale degradation to E1 through JTO RR-2014 and agreed E1 Scale incorporation in BEPPAR-2018 ). Earlier, they agreed for E1A and E2A instead of E2 and E3 for JTO and SDE grades just to have their pie of securing pension liability from government. They tried to befool BSNL Recruits by telling that they have been able to secure EPF in lieu of this for BSNL Recruits while it is well known fact that EPF is statutory liability and BSNL Could have never avoided it. After this they again dumped the standard scales for JTO/JAO and SDE/AO Equivalent scales and 30 percent SAB at the time of implementation of 2nd PRC.

It was AIGETOA which kept the hopes alive, both through legal means as well as through organisational means. It was AIGETOA which challenged against degradation of scales and got a stay from Ernakulam. It was AIGETOA which won the standard pay scales case for BSNL Recruits at Chandigarh and ensured that benefits of E2 cannot be denied to them. It was AIGETOA which forced management to agree for E2 scales for JTO/JAO Equivalent and it is AIGETOA which has again brought the pay scale issue back to focus not only at BSNL but also at DoT.

If E2 scale is approved, majority of Pay issues will be resolved and the newly recruited and promoted JTOs/JAOs will be immensely benefitted.

We fail to understand why our sister association wants to derail the pay scale issue also in the quest of this non feasible CPSU CH.

d. Internal Fast track promotion & No lateral Entry above JTO/JAO – The need of internal fast track promotion was agreed upon by the management. They even have shown their affirmation to replacement of DR DGM Recruitment also by Internal Fast Track Mechanism by creating few more posts in internal fast track quota for reaching to DGM post.

AIGETOA is pursuing a firm and clear career progression plan for executives which envisages each and every BSNL executive to aspire for higher posts of SAG/HAG levels. If our young batches get the opportunity of becoming DGM on fast track basis, definitely they can reach to GM/CGM level with sufficient age on their side and can also aspire to BoD posts.

But it seems same is not very comfortable for our Sister Association SNEA as they want to continue with the existing MT RRs as requested by their CHQ OB in the forum meeting with management.

e. Regular DGM promotions & relaxations to CAO promotions, No LA/Adhoc etc

Management informed that the complexities involved in the regular promotions at CAO/AGM/DGM level because of pending SLP at Hon SC , the regular promotions can be feasible only after the judgment.

We suggested certain alternative course which can be taken to ensure these promotions and the methods by which an amicable settlement can come within the ambits of the legal restrictions. Management agreed to explore the possibility by seeking the legal opinion possibility for extending promotions in these grades at the earliest. The onetime relaxation for CAO promotion can be checked after such decision/ judgement as Management Committee is empowered to decide on amendments in the policy.

It seems that the same is also not acceptable to our sister association SNEA and the only song which they are singing is BEPPAR-2018 on 01-07-2018 ( Though the tune is changed now) despite knowing fully well that it cannot be implemented in the current form.

f. Settlement of SDE Reversal issue:

The matter will examined for early settlement through out of court discussions.

Perhaps this also was not acceptable to SNEA and that’s why instead of pursuing, they drifted away.

We would like to once again affirm and assure all the executives that we have made much greater inroads on to the career progression plan, pay issues resolution and the 30% sab. We sincerely hope that results of our efforts will be visible to all very soon. We do understand our responsibility and the fact that in case of any deviation from agreed decisions by management, we will immediately react with full vigour.

Claimants may be many but actual work is always done by us – THE AIGETOA and its followers.

The curious case of SNEA deviating from agreed MOU & backdoor works to derail the resolution of Pay scale issue and JTO to SDE DPC

The curious case of SNEA deviating from agreed MOU & backdoor works to derail the resolution of Pay scale issue and JTO to SDE DPC

Once SNEA decided to part ways with the Forum of Executives Association, an smearing campaign started by most of their over enthusiastic CHQ OBs and Circle OBs despite of AIGETOA magnanimity in keeping silence and respecting the decision of our sister association. However, seeing the current political stunts and updates on their website, we wish to clarify the position with respect to the MoU also and who breached it.

The understanding was that none of the constituents will meet management independently and all the discussions with management will be done jointly only. However, if need is there to meet individually for some particular issue, it will be done only with information to each side in advance along with the issue to be discussed. The Defined Formal Meetings of the respective Associations with management as per REA rules to continue –

While AIGETOA even cancelled its scheduled Agenda Meeting just for the sake of honouring its commitment of not taking individual meetings, at the same time, the other side was busy in its underground work for derailment of already started JTO to SDE DPC process for the reasons better known to them. SNEA met management without informing other constituents and a complaint was submitted to CMD BSNL by GS SNEA citing that the earlier DPC of July, Ongoing DPC as well as publication of AIEL-II, AIEL-III onwards are illegal. As one constituent of Executive Forum was directly stalling the DPC process, management simply dumped the whole process in the name of examining the complaint. Even a proposal which was being sent to Management committee and which could have covered many executives from LICE-2012 batch also got dropped. The whole effort of AIGETOA to make the left out DPC became doomed down and despite our warnings, their Office Bearers tried to derail the exercise even at the last minute.

Somehow AIGETOA brought the derailed DPC exercise again back on track by countering the allegations with logical justifications, perhaps that was also not digestible for them and their office bearers got on job in last minute by involving even some non-related groups. Despite remaining silent for the sake of unity and greater cause of the resolution of issues, we ensured that ongoing exercise do not suffer, but sadly due to all the above stunts of other association, some executives missed the chances of promotion.

When we requested our sister association to accept the offer of management for addressing the stagnation criteria as alternative path of making promotions time bound, they simply refused. However, since we have already lost many years because of our non-presence during formation of BSNL MS RRs (Which was also done in blatant breach of trust with respect to BSNL Recruits) and we didn’t wanted to let management go scot free while reframing the RRs. We even requested for small deferment so that things could be explored at least but that was also not acceptable to our sister association. Even the anticipated resolution of long pending issue of Pay Scale E2 for JTO/JAO/Equivalent cadre was not enough for them. The introduction of fast track promotions up to DGM grade was also not acceptable to them. They only wanted to continue the organisation action program for one single word – CPSU CH which more or less has now become a matter of EGO for one particular person.

From the minutes of the meeting, it is quite evident that management has firmly conveyed their intent to settle the issues in a positive and amicable manner through discussions. It is also very much possible that by sitting across the table and discussing the things, positive resolution of all the issues could have been brought out. Management also shown their positive intent by completing the ongoing DPC Exercise of JTO to SDE promotions and moving on to the process for next batches but perhaps our sister association SNEA had some other plans in mind.

The two constituents ( AIGETOA & AIBSNLEA) in JF were of the clear opinion that the prudent decision will be to postpone and involve into discussions and if management deviates from its assurances, we will directly launch “Delhi Chalo” movement after waiting for 1-2 months but SNEA was adamant and said neither they will postpone nor they will agree for any change in program.

However, the surprising part is that now program is also changed by SNEA and the call is also postponed. Even more surprising is the fact that instead of mentioning implementation of BEPPAR-2018 wef 1-7-2018 as their demand, they are now highlighting time bound promotion which can be easily taken care of through stagnation criteria as alternatively suggested by AIGETOA and agreed by management also. It seems that SNEA didn’t wanted to pursue the same on united platform for the reasons best known to them.

Hence, we leave this to all for deciding, who back tracked, who went against the call of the forum, who is playing politics and who actually should give the justification for their adamant behaviour and also for the lost 3-4 years in the name of the CPSU.

Updates – Retention of transferred executives on SDE promotion

Today, after issuance of the letter for retaining as JTOs, we have once again taken up the matter for allowing them to join as SDEs in the current places of posting till the situation normalises and the transfers can be executed as per the set procedure and norms, after the Covid period is over. We have requested Hon’ble CMD BSNL, Hon’ble Director HR and Hon’ble PGM Pers for retaining all the recently promoted SDEs of all grades including Telecom, Civil and Electrical to their current places of posting in view of the prevailing pandemic situation.

We hope for an early resolution of the issue and request all such promoted officers to not to get demoralised. AIGETOA is taking all efforts for their retention.

Team AIGETOA meeting with Hon’ble MOC Govt of India at Bhubaneswar (Odisha) on 6th Jan 2022

Team AIGETOA comprising of Shri D K Sahoo AGS CHQ, Shri Ashok Acharya Jt Secy East, Shri P K Mohanty (CP Odisha) and Shri Dhiren Parida (CS Odisha) met Hon’ble MOC Shri Ashwini Vaishnaw ji at Bhubaneswar on 6th January 22 and submitted memorandum. Team also felicitated Honble minister with the traditional shawl (Vesti).

The team requested him for Immediate Launch of 4G services, where MOC assured for early roll out of 4G services in BSNL.

Team informed the Hon’ble MOC that BSNL is having thousands of Engineering Professionals with B.Tech/M.Tech and Account Professionals with CA but BSNL has not devised any mechanism for their fast track promotion to take up the higher responsibilities of DGM/GM/CGM. The existing professionally qualified executives are ready to manage BSNL at middle level and higher management level and looking towards Hon’ble Minister to intervene. Team emphasised firm support of BSNL Employees for the good endeavours taken by Government for the betterment of BSNL.

Team also requested for his kind intervention for approval of the DoT for long pending Standard Pay Scale E2 for JTO/JAO and E3 for SDE/AO Equivalent Cadre.

Hon’ble MOC has assured us to looked into these issues and also agreed to grant a meeting with the association at New Delhi.

Team AIGETOA Meeting with CMD BSNL on 30.12.2021:

Team AIGETOA met with CMD BSNL on 30.12.2021 and held detailed deliberation for more than half an hour on the issues of Implementation of Standard Pay Scale E2 for JTO/JAO Equivalent Grade and E3 for SDE/AO Equivalent Grade, Promotion in various Grades/Streams, Revisiting of stagnation Criteria of JTO/JAO and introduction of same in SDE/AO Equivalent Grades, Fast Track Promotion Channel and ongoing BSNL Revival Measures. Shri Ravi Shil Verma AIP, Shri Wasi Ahmad GS and Shri Badri Kumar Mehta VP attended the meeting from AIGETOA side. The GS/AGS AIBSNLEA also accompanied in the meeting and participated in the deliberation. The meeting held in positive atmosphere and lasted for more than half an hour and detailed deliberations held on each and every point.

Standard Pay Scale E2 for JTO/JAO and E3 for SDE/AO Equivalent Grades:

The association presented the issue of standard pay scale to CMD BSNL and apprised that AIGETOA has held three meetings in the DoT in last Two Months and come to the conclusion that mere sending of reminder letter to the DoT as done on our request may not be sufficient to get the desired result. The current reminder letter has brought the issue once again on the discussion table but more needs to be done for the final settlement. This issue is Residual of 2nd PRC and sent to the DoT after Approval of Management Committee of BSNL BOARD on 06.06.2016. The Backbone Cadre of BSNL, JTO/JAO and SDE/AO equivalent grades are still working with Provisional Scales of E1 and E2 despite passage of 14 years of 2nd PRC in BSNL. MTNL merger is again under discussion and it is the most appropriate time to settle the issue of E2-E3 to bring parity among the entry grade executives i.e. JTO/JAO Equivalent Grade of the two organizations’. The scale of JTO/JAO in MTNL is E2, whereas the scale is provisionally E1 in BSNL till date and so any possible merger will face challenges both legally as well as organizationally and damper the prospects of the whole merger process.

After detailed deliberation, it was assured by the CMD BSNL that he will look into it afresh towards solution. He assured us that he will be taking this up with Hon’ble Secretary DoT for initiating reconsideration by DoT. We are of the firm believe that it is the best time to re-initiate serious dialogue through multiple platforms for settlement of the E2 and E3 Scale issue for BSNL. The issue is linked with the approval of DoT and hence the association has again started working in that directions and holding regular meetings on the issue at different level in the DoT and BSNL. With intervention of CMD BSNL with apex at DoT, the issue is going to get a fresh push for resolution.

Promotions in various Grades and Streams:

The discussion held on Promotion in various Grades/Streams including JTO to SDE, SDE to AGM, AO to CAO and AGM to DGM equivalent. It was appraised by CMD BSNL that he is not averse to the Promotion in any grade till not stayed by any Court of Law. Accordingly, he has directed to complete all promotions through DPC of Pre-VRS period in First Phase if not under legal entangle in the Court. Accordingly the process was initiated in all streams and some order also issued. The ongoing JTO to SDE promotion of left out candidates got stuck up due to obstacle created by certain section. Fortunately, intervention of the association at right time brought it back on the track. We assure one and all that the Promotion of subsequent batches is equally important for us as well as it is also our responsibility and we will get it done soon. As we believe in Execution of Promotion and not Creating Obstacle in Promotion. We have ensured more than 4500 Promotions in SDE equivalent Grades across streams in last Six Months and we will ensure further in coming Months with your support.

SDE to AGM Promotion was taken up with CMD BSNL and apprised that our fellow executives are waiting for this from 8-17 years, whereas the required residency period is just 7 years. Field Units are reeling with acute shortage of Officers in the grade of AGM and DGM in both Telecom and Finance Streams. CMD was apprised about the mechanism suggested by Dir HR to call for legal opinion to find out the ways in view of the SLP at Hon’ble Supreme Court, where the case has been heard and Order has been reserved on 26th October, 2021. It was informed to us that BSNL has challenged the decision of Hon’ble CAT Chandigarh, which has declared the June-2018 AGM Promotion provisional and hence department is unable to move forward. The association once again suggested exploring the Promotion in AGM Grade by considering promoting all SDEs, who have competed seven years of residency period in the grade. This will not bring any major deviation in the current structure considering the fact that hardly 5K SDEs are available with the said residency period. The AO to CAO and AGM to DGM equivalent Promotions were also apprised and deliberated. Field requirements and one time relaxation were also discussed for executing these promotion orders.

CMD BSNL patiently listened our arguments and echoed our concern but apprised that without getting legal position he may not arrive on any conclusion and so he suggested us to sit with the HR Team and find the ways to move ahead on these promotions. He told that he himself is concerned for these promotions considering the long stagnation as well as requirement of the officers in these grades and hence any legally tenable solution will be welcomed. We appraised that without ensuring promotions in these grades, we may not move forward and hence some solution must be find out for peace in the organisation. We will further take up the issue with Director HR and PGM Pers as discussed.

Notification of LDCE for Subsequent Batches of JTOs:

We requested for early notification of LDCE examination in such a way that executives from all the subsequent batches can appear in the exam. It was assured to us that association request shall be given due consideration and management will come out with solution soon.

Time Bound Promotion in SDE and AGM and Equivalent Grades through Stagnation:

We appraised that despite of passage of more than twenty one years of formation of BSNL, no definite career progression has been provided to the executive fraternity. BSNL approved policy is not finding the ways to implement and hence it was suggested to ensure the Time Bound Mechanism through Stagnation Route to ensure reaching of the executives to at least up to AGM Equivalent Grades in a definite time period. The stagnation criteria of 12 years introduced in the JTO/JAO Equivalent Grade for Promotion beyond Sanction Posts is not at all acceptable and must be revisited. A stagnation criterion in the SDE Equivalent Grade should also be introduced to Promote Executives to the AGM Equivalent Grade post beyond Sanctioned Strength in a Time Bound Manner.

It is our firm demand to make the Stagnation criteria in such a way that an Executive reaches to AGM grade in a span of around 15 years. Enforcing stagnation as the criteria in RRs for next promotion will make the Promotions Time Bound as well as they will remove the major lacunae of earlier approved policy and hence may be acceptable to all stake holders.

CMD BSNL suggested that the Recruitment Rules framing/modifications are under way and the decisions will be taken only after taking inputs and submission of the association. He suggested for getting into discussion with the HR Team as the Recruitment Rule drafting is underway and submits the suggestions. He assured that the points raised by the association will be judged on merit and incorporated to maximum possible extent. We apprised that the association will not sit quiet without getting a Time Bound Criteria for the Promotions up to AGM Equivalent Grades.

Adoption of Fast Track Promotion Mechanism in BSNL:

We highlighted to start Fast Track Promotion Mechanism in BSNL to give younger generation a suitable path to reach the echelon of their career in BSNL. BSNL has no management succession plan resulting into a crisis in middle and higher middle level management. BSNL is still struggling to introduce a system to push its own recruited executives to take the driving seat in the department and instead depending on the officers from the Department of Telecom. The recent trend has already given a message and delay of incorporation of Fast Track Promotion Mechanism may pose a serious crisis in coming days. We also demanded to convert the DR DGM seats into an Internal Fast Track Mechanism at DGM Level immediately and subsequently add more seats to it.

CMD BSNL appraised that he fully agrees with the idea of the association and more than willing to introduce such system in BSNL and assured to discuss with HR Team and the Association also to bring such changes during ongoing Recruitment Rule Modifications.

BSNL Revival Measures and Pan India 4G roll Out:

It was raised by the association that the healthiness of BSNL has not been achieved despite of the passage of more than two years of revival package by the Govt of India and roll out of the 4G is still pending while no discussion on the testing of 5G.

CMD BSNL once again confirmed that all stake holders are giving a serious push for an early 4G rollout by BSNL and he is very hopeful that it will be started in second quarter of the next financial year as per the target time. The indigenous technology used in the 4G Roll Out is going to play a vital role in the process. He apprised that the PoC phase of 4G testing is going in right direction and expected to meet the time line smoothly. The government is keenly watching the process as well as sustainability of BSNL and all necessary measures are taken to achieve the goal. A comprehensive discussion was held on this topic also but we are restricting ourselves strategically in the interest of the organisation and details will be shared at a suitable time.

We extended our thanks to the CMD BSNL for considering our request and releasing the funds of five months for pending SAB Contribution. We requested that remaining part of the SAB should also be deposited at the earliest. We also requested for clearance of Rule-8/9 cases in the current financial year itself.

The meeting ended on a positive note and association will be following the issues further. We assure the fraternity that our decisions to defer the call and getting into discussion table on the above stated points as well others was need of the hour. Any absentee from the discussion table in this crucial juncture of the formation/modification of Recruitment Rules may cause irreparable damage and hence we decided accordingly. The issue of E2-E3 is crucial and parleys in the DoT from the Association as well as taking up the issue at the level of Secretary (T) by CMD BSNL are equally important for approval. If we found that management is moving away from its promises, the association will not wait and resume the program with full vigor. Accordingly, the period should be utilised to educate all about status and be in readiness mode in case of any eventuality.

Promotion of JTO to SDE in Telecom, Civil & DM CSS

Let Our Dreams be Our Wings …..

Congratulations to one and all for the Promotion on the eve of New Year……

In continuation to earlier Promotion Order of 3697 JTOs to the grade of SDET issued on 8th July 2021, further Promotion Order of 945 SDET issued today. The Promotion Order also issued in SDE Civil & DM CSS grade today. These orders issued with untiring effort of the Team AIGETOA. We extend our heartiest congratulations to all the promoted executives and appeal them to contribute with increased zeal and passion in the growth of BSNL.

We extend our profound thanks to our Hon’ble CMD Shri P. K. Purwar, Respected Director (HR) Shri Arvind Vadnerkar, Dynamic PGM Pers Shri R. K. Goyal, Esteemed Sr GM (SR) Smt Anita Johri, CLO, DGM Pers (JM) and all officers of the Pers Section, BSNL Corporate Office, New Delhi for issuing the long awaited promotion order on the eve of the New Year, multiplying their gladness manifold.

The back to back Promotion Orders could be possible only through keen persuasion, wise and timely decision by the association and keeping interest of the executives in first priority without any ego. All the Promotions were stuck up since July-2018 but our sincere efforts and positive attitude has yielded some fruitful result. But at the same time, it is also our concern that some executives from the same batch left out due to the non availability of vacancies in the considered period upto Jan-2020. Friends it’s our firm commitment that we will ensure further promotions in the SDE(T) Grade. We also reiterate our firm stands for ensuring promotions in other cadres i.e. SDE to AGM(T), AO to CAO , JAO to AO and AGM to DGM equivalents by resolving the obstacles.

In continuity of it, we also want to apprise that BSNL is passing through a crucial juncture and long sustainability of the company is very important especially for BSNL Recruited Executives, who doesn’t have any Government Pension and so we keep a strong check on this aspect. We are pleased to share that some positive movement is again going on in the government about BSNL as apprised by the Hon’ble Minister for Communication and the 4G service is also expected to be rolled out by 2nd Quarter of 2022-23. This is a welcome move and all should contribute in this direction for a better future. Accordingly, our every decision is well calibrated keeping the interest of the Executives as well as the Organisation. We just want to request all of you to have faith in our decisions and give us an opportunity to serve you to your satisfaction.

At last, we assure that the association will not leave any stone unturned for the 4P (Prosperity of BSNL, Pay, Promotion and Pension of Executives) as committed by us. Kindly keep on extending your support to this movement of AIGETOA. We also convey our thanks to entire CHQ/Circle Team and Corporate office Team for the Endeavour.

Together We Can, We have, We Will….

Left Out JTO (T) to SDE (T). Click here for list

JTO (C) to SDE (C). Click here for list

AM to DM erstwhile CSS Cadre. Click here for list

EPFO Procedure for E-nomination Filling

The Employee Provident Fund Organisation has asked all subscribers to use e-nomination facility to nominate family members with Aadhaar IDs.

Facility can be availed by EPF members if their mobile number was linked with their Universal Account Number (UAN) and if Aadhaar verification was completed.

All BSNL Recruited employees (Executives as well as Non Executives) are kind requested to fill the E-nomination for EPF online. It is a very mandatory requirement for safe future of our family in terms of EPF amount and pension.

It is a very simple work, one need to have following things with him/her while filling E-nomination.

  1. Your passport size photo.
  2. Yours Nominee passport size photo.
  3. Nominee Aadhar number.
  4. Nominee Date of Birth.
  5. Nominee residential Address.
  6. Nominee Bank account Detail( A/c Number and IFSC code and branch)
  7. Your Aadhar Number.

Click here for detail procedure for E-nomination filling