Notification of Election of the Central Collegiums Election:

GS AIGETOA notified the Central Executive Committee Meet and Election of New Central Collegiums of AIGETOA on 18th & 19th October, 2021 for the next three years tenure and for transaction of business and Election of New Central Governing Body of AIGETOA CHQ. The Collegiums Election will be held on 19th October, 2021 from 10:00 Hours onwards and the result will be declared by the same day at 18:00 hours. The nomination for the Collegiums can be sent latest by 7th October 2021 in the enclosed format by the Circles. Final elected list of the Central Collegiums’ of the AIGETOA will be displayed on the AIGETOA CHQ website by 19th Oct 2021 for information to all. The Central Collegiums of AIGETOA CHQ elects the next Central Governing Body of AIGETOA CHQ, whose election has been scheduled on 25th Jan 2021, about six months prior to its tenure.

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