Payment of GTI Executives & Non-Executives

Payment of GTI Executives & Non-Executives

Dear all

Total 55 cases payment of GTI for Executives and 10 Non executives have been approved by LIC and fund has been transferred to BSNL account. Bsnl HQ has credited the same into nominee account through concerned circle finance team.

Apart from it 19 cases of executives and 26 cases of non executives are pending at LIC end. LIC will provide the fund corresponding to them in coming days.


Guidelines for Processing cases of SPS for BSNL DRs

Ever since VRS took place, AIGETOA consistently endeavoured for streamlining the SAB pension process and making the funds up to date. Finally, with our consistent pursuance and follow up, AIGETOA has been able to put the whole process on track and the pension mechanism has been defined now. A major part of outstanding contribution has also been credited to the fund and remaining balance has been assured to be cleared by March 2022.

We are pursuing to convince management to deposit 30% SAB and the date of effect be made from the start once there is some improvement in financial conditions. BSNL is also moving on right path and we are very sure that day is not very far when we will be able to achieve the full resolution of Pay and Pension issues.

Let’s move together to strengthen AIGETOA to achieve our long pending HR issues related to Pay, Pension and Promotions.

Click here for the letter issued by BSNL CO with respect to streamlining of SAB pension process

AIGETOA believes in working selflessly and let the results do the talking instead of writing misleading updates on website.

We are very sure, change must have been visible to all, after we took over as Majority Association. Despite the most unfavorable conditions and pandemic situation, we have been able to make much inroads on all the major issues Slowly and steadily, we assure you that we will take all issues to resolution.

Congratulations to all the BSNL Executive’s

The Twitter campaign on 16.12.2021 becomes a big success with more than 1.2 lakhsTweet/Retweet. By this, we have conveyed our clear message to the Management and the Govt in unambiguous terms.

It again proved that we can do Miracles, if we are UNITED. Let us remain United till all our demands are settled to our satisfaction.

Let us gear up for the MASS DHARNA on 22.12.2021 with huge participation

Twitter campaign on 16th Dec 2021

Dear Friends, 

Forum of BSNL executives comprising AIGETOA, SNEA and AIBSNEA decided to launch Twitter Campaign today, 16.12.2021 between 12.00 Hrs to 15.00 Hrs with the following Hashtag. All BSNL Executives and Employees of BSNL are requested to mobilize each and every one to come out in large numbers and Tweet/Retweet the message in support of career progression, standard pay scales and other demands in the Notice with proper language with the following Hashtag to raise our voice for Justice. 


Twitter accounts to be tagged:















Details of the AUAB meeting held with management on 27-10-2021.

A meeting of AUAB was held with management in presence of all the Directors of BSNL Board under the chairmanship of CMD BSNL, on 27-10-2021. The Brief Details are as stated below.

Launching of 4G :

It was informed that M/s TCS had made a good progress on developing the indigenous 4G equipment’s and supply to BSNL. The 4G core is being developed by C-DOT, while the RAN is being given by Tejas and the complete system shall be given by TCS. The POC phase is going on and encouraging results are there. Few hiccups are there which will be overcome in due course of time.

Payment of Salary on the due date :

October, 2021 salary will be paid before Deepawali. While November, 2021 salary will be paid on the due date, i.e., 30.11.2021, a slight delay will be there for December salary owing to load repayment and thereafter, from January onwards, salary will be regularized and shall be given at the end of the current month without any delay.

Wage Revision :

For the Non-Executives, Management has already taken action to reconstitute the Wage Negotiation Committee. The first meeting of this Committee will be held after Deepawali. For the Pay Revision of the Executives, CMD BSNL advised to take up the issue with the DoT. He assured to arrange a meeting between the AUAB and the Secretary, Telecom. It is understood that DA merger is in active consideration.

Restructuring :

The CMD BSNL informed that, Restructuring of BSNL’s Manpower is approved by the Board, with 12% increase in the existing strength. The new strength will be 36,000 Executives and 35,000 Non-Executives with total strength of 71000. On the notification of Time Bound promotion policy for the Executives, reluctance was shown on account of divergent views between executives groups. It was decided to have separate deliberations on the promotion issues pertaining to various cadres once the minutes of Board meeting are notified.

Withdrawal of show cause notices under FR17A :

The show cause notice for Shri S. Sivakumar, GS, AIBSNLEA, Shri Kabir Das, GS, BSNL OA and Shri Goud, President, BSNL MS is being withdrawn . The pending cases of four serving General Secretaries / Presidents i.e Shri Ravi Shil Verma, Shri B Laxman, Shri K Sebastin, Shri A A Khan is still pending and shall be settled before New Year.

Holding of various LICEs and LDCEs 8n various grades :

Notifications will be issued before 30.11.2021 by Establishment section.

Temporary Transfers under Rule 9 policy :

A Committee will be formed with four Representatives from Unions/Associations and four Management Representatives. Based on the recommendations of the Committee, the restrictions will be relaxed.

Threatening letters against agitations :

Threatening/harsh wordings will be avoided in future and entries made in the service books and ERP will be reviewed.

SAB contributions pending from April, 2020 :

CMD BSNL assured to clear all the pending payment by March, 2022.

Regular interaction between the AUAB and the Management :

The CMD BSNL assured that bi-monthly meetings will be held between the CMD BSNL and the AUAB for briefing on developmental activities.

After meeting the Management, the AUAB met and decided to defer the agitational program considering the positive developments.