Notice For Circle Conference Cum Annual General Meet Of AIGETOA, Karanataka Telecom Circle

Notice For Circle Conference Cum Annual General Meet Of AIGETOA, Karanataka Telecom Circle

Circle Conference cum Annual General Meet (AGM) of All India Graduate Engineers & Telecom Officers Association, Karanataka Telecom Circle will be held on 18th Sept 2021 through online mode as per the provision in the constitution of AIGETOA.

Circle Conference cum AGM Schedule of Karanataka Telecom Circle:

Date of Circle Conference cum AGM: 18th Sept 2021(Saturday)

Venue of the AGM: Online Mode (Details will be conveyed to all participants)

Schedule of the Election: 18th Sept 2021(Saturday) from 02:30 PM onwards

Declaration of Result: 18th Sept 2021(Saturday) (after completion of election process)

Observer from CHQ : Sh Madhava Rao AGS-IV & Sh Sridhar Babu JS South

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AIGETOA, SNEA and AIBSNLEA jointly decided to launch the struggle – Letter to CMD BSNL

FORUM OF BSNL EXECUTIVES ASSOCIATIONS (AIGETOA, SNEA & AIBSNLEA) writes to Shri P K Purwar, CMD/BSNL jointly demanding Promotion of all the eligible Executives on Time Bound basis before Restructuring and post reduction. Define road map for promotion to higher posts and scrap MT/DR DGM RRs. No Looking After/Adhoc Promotions, only regular promotions. The promotions should be extended to all w.e.f. 01.07.2018 onwards as and when the Executives fulfill their eligibility criteria. We will be compelled to oppose any Restructuring and post reduction before Promotions.

AIGETOA , SNEA and AIBSNLEA jointly decided to launch the struggle.

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Notification of Election of the Central Collegiums Election:

GS AIGETOA notified the Central Executive Committee Meet and Election of New Central Collegiums of AIGETOA on 18th & 19th October, 2021 for the next three years tenure and for transaction of business and Election of New Central Governing Body of AIGETOA CHQ. The Collegiums Election will be held on 19th October, 2021 from 10:00 Hours onwards and the result will be declared by the same day at 18:00 hours. The nomination for the Collegiums can be sent latest by 7th October 2021 in the enclosed format by the Circles. Final elected list of the Central Collegiums’ of the AIGETOA will be displayed on the AIGETOA CHQ website by 19th Oct 2021 for information to all. The Central Collegiums of AIGETOA CHQ elects the next Central Governing Body of AIGETOA CHQ, whose election has been scheduled on 25th Jan 2021, about six months prior to its tenure.

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Circle Conference of AIGETOA Chennai Telephones held on 01.08.2021:

The Circle Conference cum Annual General Body Meeting of AIGETOA Chennai TD was conducted successfully as per on 1st August 2021 through Online Video Conferencing Mode. The Topic of Open Session was “Role of Chennai TD in BSNL 2.0”. The Chief Guest of the function was Shri V K Sanjeevi, CGM Chennai TD. The Guests of Honour were our beloved & Energetic General Secretary Md Wasi Ahmad and Joint Secretary South Shri Sridhar Babu, who participated in the event and graced the occasion. The above dignitaries addressed the house with their valuable content on the topic. The GS AIGETOA appraised the house about stiff challenges being faced in the sustainability of BSNL due to various reasons including excessive delay in the Pan India roll out of 4G wireless network by BSNL, No substantive progress in Land Monetization, Non receiving of payable of more than 30,000 Cr of BSNL from the DoT and high debt/liabilities on the shoulder of BSNL etc. These have created serious challenge in the real turnaround of the BSNL as per the Revival Package announced by the Govt of India in Oct, 2019. The policy of the management is equally responsible for the deterioration in the condition of the BSNL causing severe hardship to the employees. GS, AIGETOA also spoken in detail about various HR issues under persuasion by the association, including proposed man power planning. It was apprised by him that association will not accept any dilution in the promotion avenues of the executives on the name of restructuring by the management. The association will be having its detailed meeting with CMD BSNL on the subject very soon on the subject. In the meantime, he apprised that the left out DPC for SDE, notification of LDCE for SDET, notification of LICE for JTO(T) and promotion in the SDE grade of other streams of Electrical, Civil, Arch etc are also under persuasion by the association and we are hopeful for the result very soon. The promotions in AGM/CAO grades are also under persuasion by the association and the legalities involved in the process are being looked into for settlement. The other issues including E2 for JAO/JTO, Pay Loss Issue of E1+5, 22820/- and JE to JTO Pay Loss issue were also discussed by the GS. He also apprised about the association stand for ensuring vacancy year based seniority to extend the legitimate rights of LDCE qualified executives and ensuring one promotion to all before restructuring. He extended his good wishes to the Team for memorable circle Conference.

The CGM CHTD spoken in length about the initiative taken for the growth and development of the BSNL in Chennai TD and also acknowledged the positive role of the association towards the goal. He also called upon all the employees to face the tough time with more vigorous efforts and explore other source of revenue generation to meet out the shortfall from other verticals in the testing time. The Open House was also attended by CS-SEWA Shri S Sathish Kumar, CS-SNEA Shri A S Suresh, CS-AIBSNLEA Shri P Ramalingam along with various dignitaries, our OBs, Members and other Executives of Chennai Telephone.

In the afternoon session, the election of the New Governing Body of Chennai TD carried out as per the laid down provisions under the guidance of our esteemed leaders Shri Sridhar Babu, Jt Sec (South) as CHQ Observer and vigilant eyes of Returning Officer, Shri J Uday Kumar. The following Circle Body was elected for the next three years tenure of AIGETOA Chennai TD. Shri Jaimurugan P, Shri Uma Chandran S and Shri Tharik Anwar I was elected as Circle President, Circle Secretary and Circle Finance Secretary respectively of the AIGETOA Chennai TD.

AIGETOA CHQ congratulates the newly elected Chennai TD Circle Governing body and wishes all the very best to the AIGETOA Chennai TD Office Bearers for all associational activities in Chennai TD.

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