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Date Posted : 10 February 2016

Subject : Updates on Meeting With Director (HR)

AGS(HQ), OS AIGETOA along with GS, FS AIBSNLEA met Director (HR) following issues were discussed:

1. DE to DGM (Engineering)promotion : We expressed our serious concern against non-filling of the vacant DGM Posts. The CPC is being dragged on the pretext of pending court case whereas there is no stay on the issuance of promotion orders of DE to DGM (Engg). Director (HR) appreciated our concern and mentioned that a certain group of the SDEs/DEs have been sending representations/SMSs which has created confusions but however, the CPC is under consideration and shortly promotion orders will be issued for 217 DGM posts.

2. CPSU Cadre Hierarchy: DIR (HR) directed DGM (Pers) to have a meeting with the representatives United Forum of AIBSNLEA & AIGETOA and prepare a detailed presentation on CPSU cadre hierarchy for submission to CMD on 22ndFebruary 2016 and thereafter final discussions will be held on 25th February 2016 with the United Forum of AIGETOA and AIBSNLEA..

3. E2-E3 pay scale: On the pay scale issue, Director said that the file is with her and she directed GM (Establishment) to hold a meeting with United Forum of AIBSNLEA & AIGETOA. The meeting has been fixed on 16thFebruary 2016 at 15:00 hours wherein all the pending points will be discussed and showstoppers if any shall be taken care of.

4. In regard to 30% Superannuation Benefits to BSNL Recruited Employees, it was informed that the issue is in active consideration and it has been agreed in principle that benefits are to be extended. However the quantum and date of implementation is to be decided by the remuneration committee of BSNL Board which is likely to meet either on 22nd or 23rd of the February 2016.

5. Rule-8 transfer cases: The process for special recruitment in deficit circles has been expedited and GM recruitment is being posted exclusively so that the process can go in fast track mode.

6. Date of Effect of Implementation of Upgraded Pay Scales w.e.f. 01.10.2000 to the JTOs/SDEs Civil/Electrical/Arch/TF Engineering wings and PA/PS Cadre: Director (HR) assured further to discuss the matter with GM (Estt) for an early resolution. Director (HR) appreciated our concern and mentioned that these may be taken up with CMD BSNL for a decision on the same..

7. Restoration of LTC/Leave Encashment on LTC, HRA on 78.2 % instead of 68.8 percent fitment, Payment of 50% Medical claims without vouchers etc.: We requested for restoration of these benefits which were linked with the profit of BSNL and now that BSNL has shown operating profit, the benefits which were put on hold should be restored.

From the above, it is very clear that though management has been giving assurances and trying to resolve the issues but HR managers down the line are perhaps creating hurdles on the way. We have decided to wait till February 29th 2016 for resolution and clarity on the issues. Thereafter, United Forum shall be once gain resuming the deferred agitation Program and this time nothing less than final orders will lead to withdrawal or deferment of the Program. We request members to be prepared for the decisive struggle if need arises in future.

Date Posted : 4 February 2016

Subject : aigetoa writes to..

AIGETOA wirtes to


Date Posted : 2 February 2016

Subject : updates on standard pay scale case at chandigarh

Updates on Standard Pay Scale case at Chandigarh:

DOT has submitted Written Statement in Standard Pay Scales Case. Today, CAT Chandigarh imposed fine of Rs. 5000 on DPE for not submitting written statement. If written statement is not given by DPE within 2 weeks, the ex-parte decision will taken. The next date of hearing is 09-02-2016 and in all probabilities, it will be the date of Final Hearing. We have uploaded the details for the information of all concerned. All are requested to go through the documents. Click here for the attachment

Date Posted : 1 February 2016

Subject : details of meeting with gm (pers) and dgm(pers)

AIGETOA and AIBSNLEA Office bearers attended the meeting with GM and DGM (Pers) as per direction of Dir (HR) given in early meeting dated 27th Jan 2016. Meeting lasted more than an hour in cordial atmosphere and the gist of it is as under.

1. GM (Pers) informed that file regarding the CPSU hierarchy with issues to be addressed is put up with Dir HR on 29th Jan itself as committed on 27th Jan 2016 meeting.

2. All the issues to be addressed before implementation of CPSU hierarchy have been discussed in detail and consensus arrived after deliberation between management and united forum of AIGETOA and AIBSNLEA. GM (Pers) told that we will incorporate all suggestions given by united forum and examine the same to frame the flaw less CPSU hierarchy.

Final meeting will be held in this regard on 25th Feb with united forum for finalising the CPSU hierarchy proposal.

Date Posted : 29 January 2016

Subject : Updates on meeting with Director (HR)

Details of the meeting with Director (HR) on 27th Jan 2016 :


On the issue of CPSU hierarchy Dir (HR) after detailed discussions directed GM (Pers) to submit the ED(NB) committee report by 29th January 2016 itself. As it is already delayed. She also directed GM (Pers) to hold meting with the Executive Associations on 1st Feb 2016 at 11.30 hrs. to discuss the matter.


In regard to MT issue, Director (HR) categorically told that BSNL shall not be going ahead with it and there will be only one entry level post i.e. at the level of JTO/JAO/Equivalent. She also assured to have separate discussion on E2-E3 IDA Pay scales implementation with GM(Estt) on committee report and to take final view within two weeks' time.


On 30% superannuation benefit to BSNL recruited employees, Dir (HR) mentioned that matter is under active consideration and shortly remuneration committee of BSNL Board will discuss the matter in coming BSNL Board meeting.


On other issues ie notional pay fixation of all upgraded pay scales from1-10-2000,5 advance increments benefit to JTO SRD, JAO 2013 batch and PA cadre, withdrawal of clarification on reversion of officiating JTOs while sending them to JTO phase II training and Pay fixation case of TTA to JTO outside quota etc.


Dir (HR) assured to hold a separate meeting in the presence of GM (Estt) to discuss all the issues on 9th Feb,2016 with United Forum of AIBSNLEA & AIGETOA. We further requested to resolve the above demands in a time bound manner as assured to avoid further agitation programs. Dir (HR) assured to honor the commitment given by CMD, BSNL on all the issues.

Date Posted : 21 January 2016

Subject : details of the meeting with CMD BSNL & Director (HR) on 18th & 19th Jan 2016

Details of the meeting with Director (HR) on 18th Jan 2016 :

GS AIBSNLEA and All India President AIGETOA along with OS CHQ AIGETOA, AGS AIBSNLEA and CS AIGETOA Delhi met Director HR Smt Sujata T Ray on 18/01/2016 and deliberated upon the updates on the issues and its settlement within defined timeframe as assured by the management. We apprised Director HR about the outcome of the meeting held with GM Personal on 12th Jan 2016.

Vindictive actions against GS AIGETOA Sh R P Shahu : We thanked Director (HR) for her instructing MP circle to take action on merit and accordingly circle has taken some action but still some corrective actions are required. We once again re-emphasized that we donít want any favors at all & expect the decision should be taken on merit in a defined time frame as the decisions have been delayed vindictively. Director (HR) said justice will prevail.

MT Issue : Director HR once again reiterated that MT will not be held. We informed that personnel cell has not yet moved any proposal for scrapping the MT RR. It was informed that once head of the organization has committed for something, the decision is final and we should not believe any other information, as Management stands on its words.

CPSU hierarchy and Standard Pay Scale : Director HR shall be meeting Chairman of the committee in a day or two to have discussion on the recommendations. Thereafter she shall be meeting association side. She assured us that the time line already intimated shall be maintained.
30% Superannuation to all DRs: The file is with Finance wing & shall be discussed in next board meeting.

LDCE Result : We requested Director HR for deputing a senior level officer for the hearing on 4th Feb as final hearing is there and hence there shall not be any scope for the any complacency on the issue. She agreed for the same, and assured that a senior level officer from BSNL CO will be present on the date of hearing.

Details of the meeting with CMD BSNL on 19th Jan 2016 :

Thereafter, AIGETOA & AIBSNLEA CHQ team met CMD BSNL on 19th January 2016 to deliberate and inform him about the developments. CMD was apprised about the non-seriousness of the personnel wing regarding the issues and the prevailing unrest in the minds of the executives if the HR managers continue to ignore the burning HR issues despite the commitments.

CMD BSNL once again reassured us that whatever has been committed in the meeting shall be honored. CMD BSNL told us that he will be speaking with Director (HR) and shall be directing all concerned officers to expedite the process so that time line be honored. CMD BSNL informed that now when BSNL is taking an U-turn towards positive growth, all should be concerned with the development and told us to not to pay any heed to the rumors. CMD BSNL further elaborated upon the plans of BSNL and sought our suggestions on improving the service and increasing the revenue. We thanked CMD BSNL for his positive gesture and assured all our cooperation for the same.We expressed our serious concern against the casual handling of the court cases by the concerned HR Sections of BSNL Corporate Office. We informed him regarding the non-presence of BSNL lawyers in crucial cases of LDCE and that at Chandigarh. CMD appreciated our concern and assured to discuss the matter with Director (HR).

Date Posted : 14 January 2016

Subject : United Forum Meeting with GM (Pers) held on 12th Jan 2016

On 12th Jan 2016, GM (Pers) convened a meeting with AIGETOA and AIBSNLEA to discuss upon the modalities of implementation of CPSU Promotion policy. The meeting was attended by All India President Shri Ravi Shil Verma, AGS Shri Amit Roy and Organizing Secretary Shri B K Mehta from AIGETOA and GS & AGS AIBSNLEA. GM (Pers) discussed upon the modalities of CPSU hierarchy and called upon association to present their view. Association side clearly stated that they have already presented their view to the committee and nothing more needs to be added from their side. GM (Pers) told that purpose of the meeting was to have a first hand view of the associations and one more meeting will be convened soon to discuss the final framework. GM (Pers) also informed that management has taken a view to scrap the DGM RRs. He however said the association should allow the present recruitment to continue. We clearly stated that we will not allow this at any cost n shall be going all out to oppose it. GM (Pers) also said that in the CPSU hierarchy proposal, he is thinking to include MT also in CPSU proposal. We clearly stated that MT in any form is not acceptable to us and in the minutes it is clearly stated that proposal for scrapping the MT RR will be presented in next meeting of the board and any breach of trust will result in unrest and organizational action by the forum.


It was decided to discuss the final proposal in next meeting.


Further on the declaration of LDCE results, GM (Pers) informed that he is hopeful for a positive result on 4th Feb 2016 hearing and in all probabilities results will be declared soon thereafter.


United Forum shall be shortly meeting CMD and Director HR to apprise them of the discussions and reiteration of our demands and the assurances given by management through the minutes of meeting. Further updates will be posted thereafter.

Date Posted : 10 January 2016

Subject : EPFO discontinues grace period for payment of dues

EPFO issued order regarding removing the grace period of 5 days-Payment of contribution by employers by 15th of following month. Click here for EPF Order

EPFO discontinues grace period for payment of dues. (Source : The Times of India). Click here for news

Date Posted : 9 January 2016

Subject : AIP visit to IPTC Pune

Shri Ravi Shil Verma, AIP AIGETOA, addressed a gathering of AIGETOA-ITPC on dated 5-1-2016. All India President Explained the issues in detail and motivated the gathering while seeking the support of members in all the future course of actions taken up by CHQ.


He told that all the members must follow CHQ instructions. It is not possible to explain CHQ strategy in advance, so all members should obey CHQs call. He further emphasized that CHQ has been taking actions as deemed fit in the prevailing circumstances to put maximum pressure on management to settle the issues and unnecessary assumptions should not be drawn out of it. The members assured him to give 100% support from ITPC and MH AIGETOA. Click here for images of meeting


The followings are the issues on which Sh Ravishil Vermaji explained the current status.


  • 30% Superannuation to all DRs: Matter referred to remuneration committee. Decision expected by next board meeting.

  • E2-E3 scale for E1A and E2A:To be finalized by 26.01.2016 as per management assurance.

  • CPSU hierarchy to be followed as per other PSUs: To be finalized by 26.01.2016 as per management assurance.

  • First upgradation to be uniformly given in 4 years: Committee has agreed for upgradation in 5 years.

  • DGM & MT RR to be scrapped: Decision to be taken in next board meeting. Presently Patna Court has given stay for MT SRD.

  • LDCE results: Personnel cell has been asked to give fortnightly progress report on the issue. GM(Pers) has assures that result will be declared soon and all necessary actions will be taken to ensure the promotions in shortest possible time.

  • JTO RR modified and post degraded: The legal action is being initiated.

  • LDCE Increment not recd for last SDE (T) exam : Court case to be filed in individual's name. Vakaltnama is being prepared.

  • Rule-8 cases: He informed that BSNL CO has already issued instructions to the concerned units for sorting out the issues. As requested by association, special recruitment drive for tenure and shortfall circles are in final stages. On the issue of he assured to take up the matter with CS MH and MH circle.

Date Posted : 1 January 2016

Subject : happy new year 2016

Wishing you a great, prosperous, bright, delightful, energetic and a very Happy New Year 2016!

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