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Appeal to Members of AIGETOA for Act in Concert & Depositing Subscription Fee before 31st March-2015

Dear Direct Recruits Colleagues,

As you know that AIGETOA is the only association fighting since year-2005 for the issues related to direct recruit executives. With financial and physical support of committed direct recruits this association has been able to achieve resolution of various issues but we are yet to achieve the resolution of many critical issues. You all are also aware of the facts that this association is having limited and restricted membership of direct recruits executives. Among more than 2.5 lakhs employees in BSNL, there are just 10000 direct recruits’ executives which constitute less than 4% and they are still not united on single platform and their contribution is divided. Association is a platform where executives having similar interest come together, contribute together and fight together against injustice. No association leader can guarantee the resolution of the issues alone but association is a platform which guarantee togetherness and fight against the injustice and hence definitely increases the probability of resolution of the issues. No direct recruits could have imagined without this platform about getting stipend arrear, EPF on full Basic+DA instead Rs 6500/-, resolution of various EPF anomalies, 30% fitment benefits to 2005 batch, five increments to executives recruited after 01.01.2007 as an interim measure, revocation of SDE vacancies in LDCE quota diverted to seniority quota, getting 10 bonus number in last LDCE, early conduction of LDCE, retention of huge number of SDE transferred in LDCE, appearing in DGM exam etc. our fight is still on for some of the very critical issues like finalization of standard pay scale and pay parity, implementation of superannuation benefits, implementation of time bound functional promotion, conduction of next LDCE, increment and pay upgradation on promotion, uniform first time bound upgradation in four years, stopping external MT etc without existence of AIGETOA same is not possible. We are on verge of resolution of all these issues but same is not possible without support of every beneficiary.

Rs100/- per month subscription is a nominal amount and is highly needed to run the very basic activities of AIGETOA at three level. Only 30% of subscription is retained with AIGETOA CHQ. It is hard to state that on call of agitation most of the direct recruits participates but more than 80% of the direct recruits do not pay the regular subscription which is highly required for day to day follow up. All the Members including many representatives from circles like Haryana, AP and Kerala have not paid single rupees subscription to CHQ account except few volunteers. It has further came to our knowledge that representatives from some of the circles are convincing members to not to pay the subscription to CHQ account and instead are collecting the fund to their circle account with a pretext that they shall be sending the same to CHQ account. These circles after collecting the funds do not pay the CHQ quota and spend the same according to their own wish. Members are requested to pay their subscription directly to CHQ account. This association will provide ID card and user id/password of online portal, so that they can monitor their subscription and expenditure made thereof.

This association request all the direct recruits to please get united and be with only one association together in BSNL if you really want the resolution of 100% issues in time bound manner. There is no better option than being with AIGETOA. You may have apprehension with any leaders but not with association. Such leaders can be removed by you only.

Various issues need continuous persuasion at different forum including court of law which involves huge expenditure. Association doesn’t have sufficient fund to pursue the issues in all front hence it is humble request from association that members having any dues of subscription from Sep-13 to March-15 shall pay their subscription before 31st March-2015 without waiting call from association leaders. From Sep-13 to July-14 members may pay to their respective circle account but from Aug-14 to March-15 members must pay their subscription directly to CHQ account given below:

Details of AIGETOA CHQ Account

  • Account Name : AIGETOA (All India Graduate Engineers Telecom Officers Association)

  • AIGETOA CHQ Account No.- 007010100808101

  • BanK Name : AXIS Bank

  • IFSC CODE: UTIB0000007

  • Branch Name : Statesman House, 148, Barkhamba Road New Delhi. Pin -110001

Circle representatives are requested to contact each and every direct recruit and convince them to pay the subscription due before 31st March-2015.

After submitting the due subscription, individual need to fill online subscription details in form given below :